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What is Colorlib?

Colorlib is the most popular platform for providing users with professional WordPress themed digital resources such as templates and themes for website creation. Colorlib serves over 1 million pageviews every month and is reknown for helping new business owners find the right website template for their new website. On the platform you can find free and premium WordPress templates and themes that are checked by professionals in order to make sure they will be a success for the users choosing them.


  • 1 million pageviews every month
  • Free WordPress themes
  • Thoroughly tested templates
  • Thousands of theme reviews
  • Fantastic support team throughout the website creation
Colorlib Features

Free WordPress themes

Colorlib is known for having some of the best free WordPress themes which a lot of new business owners are customising into a perfect design that fits their brand image perfectly. The majority of new businesses aren’t going to have particularly large budgets, especially when it comes to creating a website, however this gap in a market of fully functional and professional WordPress website themes has been filled by Colorlib. This is one of the reasons they have around 1 million pageviews every month.

Thoroughly tested pages

The last thing you want as a new business owner is to invest in a design that may look good on the outside but has very poor functionality and doesn’t operate how you want or need it to. This is not something to worry about when using Colorlib as all website template designs are thoroughly tested by professionals and won’t be put out to be used by customers unless they meet the standards that all successful websites require.

Thousands of theme reviews

Another feature that adds to Colorlib being a great platform to invest in is its reviews. Colorlib has thousands of theme reviews from previous business owners in the same position as you that took the jump and invested in a professional website template that is now providing them success. This is filling new business owners with confidence to make the same decision and that has caused Colorlib to continue to help aid many businesses to set up their new professional websites.

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What Do People Say About Colorlib?

I think what you get for your money is amazing. Great content, I don't think I've had a situation where I couldn't find what I was looking for. Colorlib is amazing website for finding any kind of Template. I would highly recommended.

I am very pleased with my experience working with Colorlib. They have an expert understanding of modern design practices. They are very professional and great to work with.

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